Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting the Year off right

Well, it was started off right but maybe not great in terms of reading. Reid was persuasive about writing some of her new dvd shows. Still, we read:
  • Santa's Suit: touch-and-feel Christmas fun by Kate Lee and Edward Eaves - Reid is getting to be too old for this book but she is enjoying it but it is probably for 0-3 years old.
  • Merry Christmas from Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Pat Schories - Reid got this book through Scholastic and it came with a Biscuit ornament which was given pride of place at the top of the tree, along with Dora and the smallest nesting Santa. This was the first time I read the story and discovered that there were pages at the end to place pictures of our Christmas celebration.
  • The Donkey's Christmas Song by Nancy Tafuri - This board book is one of my favourite Christmas stories. The illustrations are lovely and each of the animals offers their song to the baby in the manger, even the donkey with his noisy song, that makes the baby laugh and me, too. Reid likes it, too. It'll be making an appearance next year.
  • Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Christmas by Joy Cowley and illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller - The illustrations to this series are odd but appealing nonetheless and the story is bouncy and offers good lines for the cow and the pig and the duck.
  • I Will Never NOT Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child - Reid received this book from Melissa and her family. It features Charlie and Lola (characters from a tv show we don't watch) but the story does not depend on knowing who they are. Since Reid is a tomato-lover, it was an apt choice.
  • Bear's First Christmas by Robert Kinerk and illustrated by Jim LaMarch - I love this story and its illustrations. Reid was angling for a Clifford book and so I agreed to an extra story if she would sit quietly while I read this one.
  • The Big Itch, a Clifford the Big Red Dog book, adapted by Allison Inches and illustrated by Robbin Cuddy - Reid received 11 Clifford books for Christmas. They were read at least twice on Christmas Day and are still making appearances.
  • The Dog Who Cried "Woof!", a Clifford the Big Red Dog book, adapted by Bob Barkly and illustrated by John Kurtz - We read this one twice at Reid's insistence. She doesn't get the pun in the title but she does love Stinky the Skunk Ghost, just saying it makes her giggle.

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