Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rain in January makes me want to read

With the unseasonably rainy weather, today was a good one for reading. We read:

  • Color Dance by Ann Jonas - Rei d and I both enjoyed the round-bellied little girls who danced with their scarves of red, yellow and blue to make a number of other colours. The little boy who joined them near the end with white, gray and black scarves completed the lesson in learning about colours.
  • Before You Were Born by Jennifer Davis and illustrated by Laura Cornell - a lift-the-flap book that details a child's time in utero. It is a sweet story for a mother to read to her child. It's a bit awkward for a dad to read it, as Ken did at Reid's request.
  • Splish! Splash! by Gail Herman and illustrated by Bill Basso - since it was a rainy day, this book about a rained out pool party was almost appropriate, though it wasn't quite warm enough for an outdoor swim.
  • The Story of Chicken Licken by Jan Ormerod, one of the Discovery Toys Reading Together at Home collection - I don't remember the fox eating Chicken Licken and the rest of the characters in this story from when I was a kid. Maybe it so traumatized me that I blocked it out. Or maybe I only heard the Disney version. Or maybe it really didn't bother me. Reid seemed fine with it.
  • The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming - I like the rhyme and repetition, especially "and a red cap with a gold snap".

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