Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday night books

Swimming and reading are a great combination for a Friday night. Add in the long-delayed pizza, we read:
  • Dora's Pirate Adventure by Leslie Valdes and illustrated by Dave Aikins - I hadn't ever thought to look for Dora books at the library until our last visit. Reid was pleased that I did but Ken and I haven't been as enthusiastic about reading them. They sound like they were adapted from the tv script and we aren't really fans of the show. Still, reading is an end in itself, I guess.
  • Miss Spider's New Car by David Kirk - there are many bugs in this book, I need to talk about them with Reid the next time we read it.
  • At the Carnival (a Dora the Explorer book) by Leslie Valdes and illustrated by Robert Roper - Reid likes this book because she needs to count to keep track of the number of yellow tickets that Dora and Boots are collecting.
  • All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Barbara Lavallee - a book that reminds me that we haven't built a snowman yet this year but that makes Reid smile.
  • Without You by Sarah Weeks and Suzanne Duranceau - a story about a baby penguin and her dad who are waiting for the mama penguin to come back to them. It tells quite a bit about how penguins live and raise their young through simple text and lovely pictures.
  • Meet Diego! by Leslie Valedes and illustrated by Susan Hall - we have this book as a video but Reid has never commented on it.
  • Diego's Safaari Rescue by Ligiah Villalobos and illustrated by Alex Maher - Reid is a big fan of African animals and so welcomed this new book into her collection.
  • Valentine Surprise, a Clifford the Big Red Dog book by Quinlan B Lee and illustrated by Steve Haefele
  • Time for Bed by Mem Fox and illustrated by Jane Dyer - I love this book. I love the illustrations of parent and baby animals and the soft, soothing rhyme. Reid rarely chooses it anymore. I told her that I was shutting the light out if she didn't bring me this book and she finally snuggled in and listened to it.
  • Kisses by Nanda Roep and Marijke ten Cate - a story about a little girl who wants a kiss from her dad and all of the different kinds of kisses that he offers her.
  • Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman - I'm a fan of any book featuring Bear. The illustration, the rhythm and gentle story reel me in each time.

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