Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday multitasking

While I did Reid's hair this morning (I can read and braid at the same time), I read Valentine by Carol Carrick This story about a little girl who helps care for a newborn lamb on Valentine's Day offers a concrete example of love in action without being moralistic in the least.

At gymnastics, after discussing why books would be at gymnastics, we read:

  • Winnie the Pooh and His Friends Blackberry Surprise based on A.A. Milne, illustrated by Atelier Philippe Harchy - a much better story than I'd expected. Many Winnie the Pooh stories disappoint me as the characters aren't as I remember them, even in the original stories. Pooh is greedy, Rabbit is grouchy and Tigger is incredibly self-centred.
  • Rose and Dorothy by Roslyn Schwartz - Reid's empathy is well-developed. She was said that Rose said mean things about Dorothy and Dorothy moved out of their shared house.
  • Tickle Me Elmo by Stephanie St. Pierre and illustrated by David Prebena - I wasn't sure about this one but it turned out to be a fun discussion of what a tickle looks, smells, tastes and sounds like. It's important not to judge a book by its cover - or licensed character.
Reid had insisted on bringing Diego and Papi to the Rescue by Wendy Wax and illustrated by John Hom to read in the car on the way to daycare and so we had it with us, too.

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