Saturday, January 5, 2008

Now that is a good Saturday of reading

We went read many books today:
  • The Greatest Parade, a Clifford the Big Red Dog colouring book that Reid got for Christmas. She hasn't asked to colour in it yet but she stopped unwrapping presents on Christmas morning to have me read the sentences along the bottom of the page. Today, it was Ken who was picked for the unlikely task of reading a colouring book.
  • Clifford's Best School Day, a Clifford the Big Red Dog book, by Quinlan B. Lee and illustrated by Steve Haefele - Emily Elizabeth is oh so perfect, isn't she? We need to see some examples of her doing something wrong and being redeemed.
  • Mom and Me by Miela Ford - a book of photographs of a baby polar bear and its mama that has just a few words. It was just the right topic for a girl who was being uncooperative at naptime to ask for when she finally snuggled up with her own mama.
  • Santa's New Jet by David Biedrzycki - Reid grins at the chubby and out of shape reindeer and I like to mention the aviation museum references in the illustrations since that is a favourite museum of Ken's.
  • Mama Loves You by Caroline Stutson -Reid knows that she can sometimes get an extra book before bed if it is a short one and this one is particulary hard for me to say "no" to as it is a favourite of mine.
  • The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton - It's important to remember to dial back the energy when reading this book. Boynton's rhymes are rollicking.

From the library's Sharing and caring: a preschool approach to bullying prevention kit
we read:

  • Crabbit Comes to Stay by Julie Hegarty and illustrate by Ritchie Collins - featuring Michelle, a girl's head in a clam shell that seems to be somewhat important since there was a super-title "Michelle in" but I don't know who Michelle is otherwise. Knowing Michelle didn't seem important to appreciate the illustrations and story.
  • The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and translated by J. Alison James - This book is an Abby (American Bookseller Book of the Year Award) Winner, I hadn't heard of the award before. I'll have to check out other winners for ideas.
  • Franklin is Bossy by Paulette Bourgeois and illustrated by Brenda Clark - Reid is awfully bossy at home with us and if she is like that at daycare, she'll be suffering the treatment that Franklin receives from his friends and I'm not sure that friends are so quickly forgiving in real life.
  • Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes - I recognized the illustrations as being similar to books featuring Lily and enjoyed the story as we have enjoyed the Lily stories. The story describes Chrysanthemum's dilemma well. I like the titles of the books that the father is reading throughout the story.
  • Is it Because? by Tony Ross - The text offers an interesting exploration of why a person might bully another.

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